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K. C. Boone
2015-09-27, 00:00
Unto thine own self be true. This book teaches simply how to be honest with yourself and
why you should.
Sybil Woodhouse
2015-09-26, 08:55
Very clear and helpful book. I believe everyone who reads it will see some of themselves and their similar challenges in it. This would be the foundation of an excellent, ongoing workshop where people could support and interact with each other on their journey to significance. However, it would be just as impactful to do it by yourself if you are committed to changing your life. Pat has a way of presenting the material to keep you interested and motivated. At the same time, the information is easy to understand. I can’t wait to see more and go on my own journey.
2015-09-25, 21:27
I read the book once and I’m going to read it again, it needs to really soak in. If you care about your personal self-care, this is the book to read. I’ll be waiting for Volume II.
James Beasley
2015-09-25, 21:23
This is a great book and an easy read from the first page to the last. Pat tells her story honest and forthright and doesn’t leave out anything. I felt her struggle throughout and know why she had to put it down in print. Everyone can identify with some aspect of her journey. I recommend this book to everyone. It will be beneficial to all.
Vicki A. King
2015-09-25, 20:26
I truly enjoyed every page of this wonderful book. It is a beautiful story of inner struggle and personal triumph; inspiring and touching, as I shared Pat’s journey to fulfillment. I applaud her for her courage in being candid and real about her feelings and struggles along her path. I would recommend this book to readers of all race, gender and religion.
2015-09-25, 19:37
This is the story of a journey all of us have taken in some manner. Pat lays out her dreams, her quest for approval, and all the problems along the way. It is a compelling story and is never dull. She is on a quest to find the answers, and finally realizes only she could make things right for herself instead of seeking approval from family and acquaintances throughout her life.
Spirited Writer
2015-09-25, 19:37
This book shares an achingly honest account of one woman's journey to finding and embracing her true self. Ms. Conner's quest takes her out of the segregated South to the Nevada, Thailand and Kuwait, where she learns that she is not defined by race or the color of her skin. After reading this book, I came to better understand the complexities of prejudice.
Judy H. Tighe
2015-09-25, 19:36
Pat Conner is an engaging writer with an important personal story to tell. Once you start reading you will not lay her book down. She will inspire you to live your most courageous and authentic life.
2015-09-25, 19:36
Reading Pat's book gave me a more positive outlook on life. I loved reading her adventures and the lesson's she learned from each experience. Sometimes we are focused on the immediate situation rather than reflecting on what happened or is happening. Reflection is better than the experience. Pat reminded me of this in many parts of the book. It is a must read.
Shirley Woods
2015-09-25, 19:35
It was an excellent read very insightful discussion of her struggle to learn how to love herself and the effects of her skin color on her self-esteem
2015-09-25, 19:31
This book was so inspiring and sad at the same time. I felt in touch w/ the writer. I felt that our mothers were one and the same. I couldn't put the book down except to sleep on Monday night and that was at the last 40 or so pages and then I finished those in the early morning for me Tuesday and immediately contacted the writer to let her know how awesome I thought her book was!!!!! If you want an inspiring gut reaching book this is the book!!!!!!!!
Nancy A. Kaiser
2015-09-25, 19:30
I finished Doorways to Significance last night and really enjoyed it. I can't imagine having a life of struggle and trauma. I just had a couple of years and that almost killed me. Pat should be very proud of finding her way. Being white I have no idea what it's like to be anything but. And then to be saddled with being of black heritage, but not appearing so... Boy did Pat create a lifetime of lessons to work on. Good for Pat for following her soul's plan and learning, changing, and growing!
Nancy Pfaff
2015-09-25, 19:30
I love this story of a woman who woke up to what she wanted, left the comfortable-though-difficult past behind and launched out into foreign lands to re-create herself. The author sprinkles gems of wisdom throughout--"We cannot avoid suffering, but we can choose how to cope with it." The book is also filled with her spiritual journey as she becomes aware of the essence of God in all things. She has done a lot of inner work, and is able to comment on her journey with, "...the risk to go forward with persistence and tenacity reflected an often untapped yet innate inner strength." There are good ideas for others here also. Her writing a Sacred Covenant is a powerful tool for anyone who has a serious goal to attain. The author's final conclusions are inspiring as she sums up what she has learned over the years. I enthusiastically recommend this book.
Terri J. Cornish
2015-09-25, 19:29
This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn to love themselves more. I must say that I have known the author Pat Holland Conner for over 20 years. She is such a wonderful example of success and I would never have known the struggles she overcame to reach her successes until I recently read her fabulous book. It tells a compelling story of growing-up in a time of prejudice, both outside her family and within. And as Pat says on the front cover, "It's never too late to change the brokenness." Pat chronicles her journeys of acceptance and personal empowerment as her book takes you from the Deep South to Kuwait and Thailand and home again to the US. Thanks Pat for sharing your life struggles and journey. Readers of "Doorways to Significance" will find their own journey easier after walking in the steps of the author. Enjoy!
Cathy Mastrantuono
2015-09-25, 19:28
Whether black, white, fat or skinny, anyone can relate to the feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt expressed in this book. The important point is to take that first step on the road to self-love and acceptance. Pat Holland Conner did exactly that.