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Becoming Significant

Awakening the Power Within

Becoming Significant: Awakening the Power Within offers the opportunity to achieve personal happiness, fulfillment and peace. Although many people espouse self-worth and self-esteem with great assurance, most often their words and actions are incompatible. The author proposes significance as a work in progress - not a one shot deal.

The book also encourages an assessment of value in the readers’ lives and illustrates the possibilities for changing past behaviors and relationships. With the author's interpretation and true stories about her life's limited significance, readers will find themselves reviewing their personal habits and levels of self-worth.

This self-help book, written to achieve inner counsel, is for you if you choose to focus on ways to promote your personal satisfaction and power.

Doorways to significance

Finding Peace, Power & Passion

Born in the South during the 1940s, an African-American girl with white skin was destined to live with secrets, shame and intolerance from her family as well as the black and white community. She grew up feeling unworthy and desperate to belong. When her three-year-old son wondered why she was white and the rest of the family black, she struggled with an answer.

At age 50, divorced and discouraged, she knew she had to make a change, a dramatic one, and she did what few have the courage to do. She joined the Peace Corps and traveled throughout Asia and the Middle East for seven years, an opportunity chock full of rich experiences and personal growth. To her amazement, she discovered she fit in everywhere.

In this book one will travel with the author to exotic parts of the world as she weaves her deeply moving stories of life in America and abroad with the humor and grace of the sojourner who opens doors to a more joy-filled life.



K. C. Boone
2015-09-27, 00:00
Unto thine own self be true. This book teaches simply how to be honest with yourself and
why you should.
Sybil Woodhouse
2015-09-26, 08:55
Very clear and helpful book. I believe everyone who reads it will see some of themselves and their similar challenges in it. This would be the foundation of an excellent, ongoing workshop where people could support and interact with each other on their journey to significance. However, it would be just as impactful to do it by yourself if you are committed to changing your life. Pat has a way of presenting the material to keep you interested and motivated. At the same time, the information is easy to understand. I can’t wait to see more and go on my own journey.
2015-09-25, 21:27
I read the book once and I’m going to read it again, it needs to really soak in. If you care about your personal self-care, this is the book to read. I’ll be waiting for Volume II.
James Beasley
2015-09-25, 21:23
This is a great book and an easy read from the first page to the last. Pat tells her story honest and forthright and doesn’t leave out anything. I felt her struggle throughout and know why she had to put it down in print. Everyone can identify with some aspect of her journey. I recommend this book to everyone. It will be beneficial to all.
Vicki A. King
2015-09-25, 20:26
I truly enjoyed every page of this wonderful book. It is a beautiful story of inner struggle and personal triumph; inspiring and touching, as I shared Pat’s journey to fulfillment. I applaud her for her courage in being candid and real about her feelings and struggles along her path. I would recommend this book to readers of all race, gender and religion.