Airport Musings

So many thoughts race through my mind, especially when I am still with no place to go and nothing to do. Waiting silently with limited distractions, a peaceful, muted mind-video runs its course with a slate of unrelated ideas until consciousness grabs at a few them and makes sense. A whole new concept emerges like one bubble submerged with many—individual yet connected.

My feelings emerge and become hostess to responsibility and creativity.

I wonder why I spend so much time seeking physical pleasure. I question my willingness to bear the consequences of my belief there is a definite purpose for each life situation.

Turning to relationships as an example for understanding life purpose, I nurture sad feelings when rejected or thinking I am unnoticed by others, especially family members or close friends. For those who’ve read my memoir, “Doorways to Significance: Finding Peace, Power & Passion,” you might question why I continue to experience such a soul dilemma.

My response was simplified today as I waited another two hours for departure on the last leg of the trip to the Book Festival.